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 Born 1986 in Rostov-on Don, Russia. Educated at the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

 Has been working in painting since 2012, using a subjectivist pantheon of symbolic characters and pop culture memes, among which self-portraits occupy a key position, being placed in the context of issues surrounding gender, social and national identification.

 As well as painting, the artist carries out performances using locally foraged foods as media, such as snails and nettles.

 Works by the artist are held in private and museum collections in Coldrerio (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Kiev (Ukraine), San Francisco and Philadelphia (USA), Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia).

 Currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia.


+995 544 44 47 31 (Georgia)

+7 (999) 232 01 27 (Russia)


pasmur russian artist
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